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A Timeless Investment

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve dreamed of having a pool and or spa for a long time. There’s a reason that a swimming pool is an iconic symbol of relaxation, quality time, and status. It’s the ultimate place to entertain friends and family. And let's face it, there’s no better setting when it comes to throwing a party!

About Us

Jake Parker started Parker Custom Pools with the goal in mind of creating a superior product and delivering an outstanding customer experience. We are a family-owned and operated business and have been operating in the Rogue Valley since 2013. Jake takes the time to plan, design, and execute your vision for the ultimate backyard experience and is passionate about delivering the best aquatic product on the market. Where others seem satisfied with the "cookie cutter" approach, we always strive to implement what works best for you, and when technology changes, so do we. This is why we build swimming pools that are built stronger, last longer, are timeless in design, and have the best in insulation and energy efficiency.

Our pools are professionally designed, starting with a thorough assessment of your yard space, surroundings, and vision. We always consider the style of your home and account for changes in elevation and landscape. We’ll work with you to choose the right design, colors, and materials for your space, resulting in a pool as unique as you.

What We Do

  • Custom pools and spas
  • Pool Renovations
  • Water Features
  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Contractor Shotcrete and Plaster Services


What You Can Expect



Jake will reach out to you and set up an appointment for an on‑site meeting to discuss your vision. He will then return to the office and create an estimate based on your initial meeting. Once you have agreed on the cost of your pool project and an estimated start date, we will enter into a contract and request a deposit to hold your spot on our busy schedule. The deposit will vary depending on the total cost of your pool. Jake will then get into the design studio and begin working his magic. After the design, you and Jake will meet again to finalize your pool and or spa design, including tile type and color, coping color, concrete finish and color, and plaster color.

Engineering and Permits

All of Parker Custom Pools' designs are engineered and stamped by a professional engineer for your safety and peace of mind. Next, we will apply and pay for your building permits in the city or county where you live.

Mobilization, Layout, and Excavation

Once engineering is complete and building permits are issued, we can begin to lay out your pool on-site. We will then mobilize our equipment and begin excavation. After the basic shape of your pool has been dug, we will begin to bring in rock per the engineers' specifications for solid compaction in the pool and spa floor. Next, we will tie up rebar in the pool and or spa per the engineers' specifications in preparation for shooting the shotcrete shell of your Parker Custom Pools project.

Shotcrete, Plumbing, and Coping

Next, we will shoot and form your pool and or spa shell with shotcrete. We use our own concrete pump, our own blend of concrete, and our own crew to do this.

We will then bring in our plumbing crew and plumb several hundred feet of pipe and conduit for your pool and or spa functions, features, and lights.

If you are having an auto cover installed, we will install the track system prior to installing your coping. Now we are on to your coping. This is the horizontal border around the top edge of your pool, typically about 24" wide. Your coping can be natural stone or concrete with a sand, broomed, or stamped finish.

Setting Equipment, Tile, and Plaster

Our crew will come in and set up all of your equipment, including system automation panels, pumps, heaters, filters, blowers, and chemical automation.

Next, our expert tile installers prepare the surface and install your tile.

The plaster will then transform the ugly ducking into a swan. Parker Custom Pools has its own plaster pump and its own crew dedicated to bringing your pool and or spa to life with this application! Depending on the time of year and air temperatures, your pool may be filled with water the same day that we plaster.

Concrete Pool Deck/Patio

If we are pouring the concrete around your pool, our crew will begin preparing and forming your pool deck. We will bring in our expert concrete crew to pour and finish your deck/patio. Once your pool deck is poured, we will seal all concrete to keep moisture from penetrating it.

"Please keep in mind that this section was written so that you would have a basic idea of our processes and that you would generally know what to expect. We build custom pools; there will always be differences."